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Big Benefits

Izola Saver is a great way to save

At Izola Bank, we’re only interested in developing products that work in perfect sync with our clients' modern day lifestyles. This is both from a practical point of view and from an aspect of added value.
Izola Saver is our new platform offering just that. A simple, easy and convenient savings product that works as individually as you do.
So whether you’re just starting to think about a savings plan, or you’re a more experienced saver, you can appreciate how sometimes you need a savings platform that enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Savings accounts are not just about putting money aside for a rainy day, but also for planning for bigger ambitions such as buying a car, home, dream holiday or expensive gift. While you’re saving for these items, you might find other opportunities come your way at an earlier stage, so as opposed to a Term Deposit account (which locks your money up for a period of time), you might want to access your savings funds as soon as possible.
Izola Saver gives you just that. Blending in perfectly with your lifestyle so you can save for the future, while also providing you with the ease of accessing your money at any point you need it.
If you’re not sure how much you want to save or what the return would be like, check out our Izola Saver Savings Calculator to help you decide.
Here’s a snapshot of Izola Saver’s benefits:


Izola saver offers you the flexibility of enjoying both a good savings rate and the ability to transfer more funds to or from the account as needed, without any additional fees. So you can add more or take a little back, just as you please.

Money that grows

Izola Saver offers a competitive interest rate, so any funds you put in are on the right path to grow and give you more money back.

So simple to open and use

The Izola Saver account is available only via the internet. You can access your account through our Internet Banking interface and keep track of balances and add or transfer funds out of the account as you please. It’s a 24/7 product that doesn’t require you to queue up at a bank for any reason. You have total control.

Easy to get started

Opening an Izola Saver account requires a minimum deposit of just €25, so you don’t need to already have savings to start an Izola Saver account. This is perfect for early savers who might not have access to large lump sums of money but still want to get cracking on watching their money grow.

Save for different things

Let’s say you have a couple of things you are saving for. A wedding, a home, a holiday. You can also open up multiple saver accounts if that would be more logical for your lifestyle and plans. You can also open a joint account for even more flexibility.