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Big Benefits

Whether you’re looking at saving money for a rainy day, simply saving for your family, yourself or the future, a Term Deposit account is a clever way to help your money grow without taking risks. Just remember all you need is a reasonable amount of money which you won't be able to access (without breaking the term and incurring fees) for the chosen length of time.

Increase your savings

Our Term Deposit accounts offer great rates of interest, depending on the term that you choose. Rates vary from 1.50% for one year up to 2.50% for five years.

Make time work for you

You might want to consider just a one year term at first and if you find you haven’t had need for the money, consider lengthening the period afterwards.

It’s simple to get going

You can open a Term Deposit account via Izola Saver, with an Izola Saver+ account, or you can open one directly with Izola Bank. In all cases the process is simple to follow.

You’re covered

Our Term Deposits are covered by the Malta Depositor Compensation Scheme, so your money is always secure.