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How It Works

This is a quick look at Term Deposit accounts offered directly by Izola Bank:-

  1. You need to have a minimum balance of €10,000 to be able to open a Term Deposit account, so please ensure that you won’t require to access this money for the term to enjoy the maximum benefits.
  2. You can open a joint Term Deposit Account if you require one.
  3. Interest is paid annually on the anniversary of the deposit.
  4. We don’t accept deposits in cash, only cheque or bank transfers.
  5. You can’t transfer the deposit.
  6. You may choose the option of a 15% final withholding tax deduction.
  7. This product is currently only available to residents of Malta.
  8. We are a participant in the Depositor Compensation Scheme.


Remember - If you’re interested in Term Deposits but with a smaller amount, why not consider Izola Saver+ which offers the standard 1 to 5, 7 or 10 year terms all with as little a deposit as €500.

  Product Term Interest Rate
  Saver Account N/A 1.00% Variable
  Saver+ 1 year 1.50 %
  Saver+ 2 years 1.75 %
  Saver+ 3 years 2.00 %
  Saver+ 4 years 2.25 %
  Saver+ 5 years 2.50 %
  Saver+ 7 years 2.75 %
  Saver+ 10 years 3.00 %